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What is Whole-Person Coaching?

Let’s talk about health. Health is a state of well-being, not just the absence of disease. Health is a “resource for everyday life not the objective of living” (WHO, 1986). When we talk about health, it is easy to thing about physical health, but in reality, wellness is a set of positive factors related to one’s optimal health as a person who interacts with the world around them. Whole-person wellness positive factors include the physical, emotional, intellectual, social, environmental, and spiritual. The level of well-being in each of these six areas will affect our overall quality of life.

⇒ Physical: The ability to achieve a healthy lifestyle in nutrition and physical activity to minimise risk for chronic and metabolic diseases
⇒ Emotional: The ability to express emotions with comfort and in a healthy manner
⇒ Intellectual: The ability to learn and grow in areas that add value to the world around us
⇒ Social: The ability to develop meaningful relationships
⇒ Environmental: The ability to appreciate the external environment and improve things that are under our control
⇒ Spiritual: The ability to seek meaning, truth, and purpose in one’s daily life

Whole Person Wellness

Which area of your life would like to work on?

Humans are not either body or spirit, we are body and spirit who interact with the physical world around us with our thoughts and emotions. 

Whole-person coaching helps you work on important areas of your inner health and physical well-being so you can live out the purpose for your life.

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About Coach Siree Sivapetchranat

Siree Sivapetchranat,
Whole-Person Coach

John Maxwell Certified Team Member

ACE-Certified Health Coach, Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist

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I’m a lifelong learner, a multidisciplinary thinker and practitioner in business, health and wellness. I have a passion for investing and empowering in people to live out their purpose.

As a John Maxwell team member and certified coach, speaker, and trainer, I have a passion for leadership development and personal growth. I am most fulfilled when I have opportunities to add value to people.

I love seeing and helping women clearly identify their goals and purpose and work actively and confidently towards them. I also specialise in coaching women leaders and entrepreneurs to achieve improved productivity and profitable results. My clients achieve optimal productivity in their work-life integration.

Additionally, as an ACE-Certified fitness and health professional, I educate and guide my clients in making healthful lifestyle changes and incorporate physical health and fitness into their lives. Health is a resource for everyday living, so in working to achieve your life purpose, physical health is an important foundation for doing everything else.

Contact me, I am looking forward to assisting you on your whole-person wellness and success journey.


What Clients Say

“I give Coach Siree a 10/10 in her coaching to help me reach my goals. I was able to reach my immediate goals and I felt encouraged to reach my future goals. She kept me on track of finishing my work and staying focused and I was surprised that I was not stressed by it. From this experience, I saw improvement in my leadership skills. I made major breakthrough and insights because she was there to listen to me and guide my thoughts and feelings.”
Mrs. K.K.
Business Coaching 7 Sessions
“I received so much from being coached by Coach Siree in both my financial goals and life goals. She is very easy to talk to and is a good listener.”
Mrs. P.T.
Personal Growth Coaching 9 sessions
"My experience of being coached gave me more confidence to set my family’s financial goals. I received much encouragement along the way from Coach Siree."
Mrs. S.S.
Personal Growth Coaching 7 sessions
“I’m impressed by everything about Coach Siree. She is the perfect coach. I achieved my goals and now have a clear savings plan.”
Mrs. K.C.
Personal Growth Coaching 10 sessions
“I received so much from being coached by Coach Siree in both my financial goals and life goals. She is very easy to talk to and is a good listener.”
Mrs. A.K.
Personal Growth Coaching 9 sessions

Coaching Skills for Leadership Success

What if you as a manager could apply coaching skills to your team? Good managers need to know more than how to direct and motivating their teams. Adding the vital skill of coaching could bring your team’s success to another level.

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