Wellness and performance are linked.

Employee wellness programs should not just be a “nice-to-have”, but should be a high priority for all organisations.

Caring for your employees as a whole person is the vital ingredient to creating a workplace with highly-engaged and productive employees.

Whole Person Wellness

Watch: Intro to Our Freedom from Chronic Office Fatigue Workshops

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Freedom from Chronic Office Fatigue is part of our workplace wellness series that really brings to light this important issue of employee physical and mental well-being. Office fatigue is a real problem in today’s workplace that affects not only the individual’s performance but your organization’s performance as a whole. And it is a costly issue.

In this workshop, we identify specific issues that lead to chronic office fatigue. Employees will learn ways to revitalize their energy at work. Chronic fatigue can take a heavy toll but when addressed and remedied, everyone in the organization wins and business improves


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