YouthMax Thailand

Through The John Maxwell Team Global Youth Initiative, we have the chance to influence tomorrow’s leaders today. With John Maxwell, I’ve learned that leadership develops daily, not in a day.

Our goal is to spark an intentional and lifelong leadership interest in today’s youth.

The John Maxwell Team Global Youth Initiative is an international movement comprising hundreds of free community events with topics ranging from leadership development, to anti-bullying, self  esteem and more to help the youth in communities around the world thrive.

As Certified members take to their communities to make a difference, events will be happening all around the world! Be sure to check

 Program Objectives:

  • Help young people navigate the challenges of today’s world 
  • Inspire youth to build strong personal character and develop values
  • Build self-esteem and confidence
  • Explain the value of trust and respect
  • Encourage youth to fulfill their potential 
  • Model transformational leadership skills

Program Format:

  • Interactive learning structure that encourages participation from the students. 
  • Group coaching sessions within each lesson to help students apply the learnings


Day 1

8:30 am: Check-in

9 – 11:30 am: Lesson 1 Stand Up & Be Counted

Lesson Purpose: Our job as adults is to encourage our kids – all kids – to take responsibility and not accept the role of the victim that is being imposed on them. The bully is anyone who pushes others down to push themselves up. The bully is seeking separation by placing himself apart and over others. He or she wants to be higher, stronger and otherwise look better than others. 

11:30 am – 12:30 pm: LUNCH 

12:30 – 3 pm: Lesson 2 Learning to Fail Forward to Success

Lesson Purpose: No one is perfect; everybody fails. Honesty, therefore, becomes the goal we are trying to achieve. Transparency and vulnerability lead to an openness, honesty and acceptance that allow the individual to move towards an idea or goal and eventually to achieve success.

Day 2

8:30 am: Check-in

9 – 11:30 am: Lesson 3 Who Am I and How Do I See Myself?

Lesson Purpose: Your self-image is the lid on your success. Of the four lessons covered in the YouthMAX curriculum, learning to develop a positive self-image is the most critical because it is integral to all the other lessons – to our development of Personal Character, to how we handle individuals and complex relationships (Stand Up and Be Counted), and to how we handle all the bumps in the road (Learning to Fail Forward). Self-image becomes the greatest determining factor to our success in life. 

11:30 am – 12:30 pm: LUNCH 

12:30 – 3 pm: Lesson 4 Personal Character

Lesson Purpose: No matter how gifted and talented an individual may be, it is critical to make the right choices. Personal character, a foundation for life, becomes a matter of the choices, we as individuals make. 

3:00 – 3:30 pm Presentation of Certificates of Completion

  • Limited to 40 participants. Each participant will receive a certificate of completion for for the Youth Leadership Challenge